Today, nobody cares... But tomorrow... They Will

I'm Nadia, I'm 20, I'm from MPLS, MN. I LOVEEEE MUSIC (Love Jim Morrison & Jimi Hendrix), Pharrell williams is the love of my life but Michael Ealy, Mark Wahlberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Damian Marley & Tyga are close runners up. I'm in college & I'm still trying to find myself. Writing is my bestfriend. I pray for world peace, love & happiness. I hope that one day I can change the world for the better. Africa needs us just as much as we (the U.S.) need ourselves. Welp, I hope that bio sparked up some questions that I can answer. Ask me anything (reasonable). Hope you enjoy my random blog :) INSTAGRAM: nadia_interrupted.

Omari Lewis Dixon


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